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Abracadabra range of bras and lingerie accessories have received huge interest from the public and the media. Abracadabra has been featured in a number of fashion, beauty and bridal magazines as `top quality invisible lingerie', `must-have for your wardrobe' since their national launch in 2005. Check out what others say below and also on our Media page.  

Abracadabra is chosen by many as the preferred brand in their product category. Road tests were carried out by NZGirl, the NZ Herald Canvas stylist and Cleo fashion editor.

Guess who wore Abracadabra: Hannah Carson - winner of Miss International New Zealand; Natalie Sangster, the Miss World New Zealand 2009 1st Runner up and Miss Tourism of Oceania 2009 and many more, see below.

The Abracadabra bras are amazing. They are easy to wear and super comfortable, and look great under every dress! They give you a nice shape and support, feel like you are wearing nothing and are much more comfortable to wear than any other stick on bra I have tried. I will be representing New Zealand in Japan in October at Miss International and will have the comfort and support in all my gowns and swimwear with Abracadabra. I highly recommend this product!
Hannah Carson - winner of Miss International New Zealand 2012
I ordered Abracadabra on Monday. The bra arrived on Thursday! Very happy with the product and super friendly service.
Laura - NSW, Australia
I wore Abracadabra bras on Miss World beauty pageant 2009. They were great under my bikinis and very easy to use! It gave me confidence to step out in style and to win the title.
Natalie Sangster - Miss World NZ 2009 1st Runner up, Miss Tourism of Oceania 2009
The proof of the Abracadabra's worth really is in the dancing - the self adhesive pads remain firmly stuck in place – what a winner!  This is definitely a wardrobe essential; you're guaranteed to pull it out all the time. more
Gemma - Fashion Editor, Nzgirl
I wore Abracadabra lite bra in my wedding. All four of my bridesmaids did so too! I also wore it in my honeymoon and travelling overseas. Love it!
Natalie - Fashion Designer, NZ
Extremely comfortable, I wore it for 8 hours and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Fiona - Reviewer,Sunday News, NZ
Just like magic - Abracadabra bra has no back and no straps, guaranteed to stay on. Perfect for parties, balls, wedding or any occasion.
Fashion Editor, Cleo, NZ
“Great service! Super fast delivery. I ordered at the weekend and the package arrived on Friday - that's all the way to London! Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, it's always such a pleasure to purchase from Abracadabra Fashions!”
Jane, London, UK
We did a test-run with Abracadabra silicone bra. They survived 28 fast costume changes during one hectic day of shooting - without moving. Thank you for the excellent product and service!
Alice - Canvas, NZ
The perfect invisible underwear: Abracadabra silicone bras, they will keep boobs in place and increase your bust by a full cup size!
Stylist, Woman's Day, NZ/Australia
I think the Abracadabra silicone product range is must have for women! I highly recommend them.
Fashion Editor, TVNZ Good Morning Show
I had a good try on and tested the Abracadabra (bra) out with heaps of my dresses and tops. I noticed that garments I would normally try and wear a normal bra with looked heaps better when worn with the Abracadabra, as there were no straps peeping out or signs of where the bra does up at the back. more
Gemma - Fashion Editor,NZGIRL
Abracadabra range of bras and lingerie accessories are really taking off here.
Nikki - distributor, Hong Kong
I bought 3 already from your online store. Love the bras they are very well priced and match all my outfits! Thank you!
Victoria, Sydney, Australia
Abracadabra bra is a must for anyone wearing backless or low cut tops or halterneck dress. The Magic team gave the bra a work out at the post final celebration parties. We loved them, highly recommend to all women.
The 2008 Magic Netball team, NZ

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