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Thank you for your interest. For wholesale inquiries or wholesale orders please email vivzhong@gmail.com. We ship internationally. We do not take retail orders. Please visit your nearest lingerie retailer for orders.

Silicone Bra EnhancerSilicone Bra Enhancer
Instant increase by one cup size. Strapless, backless and invisible.
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Lite Self-Adhesive BraLite Self-Adhesive Bra
Strapless & backless
Supportive & comfortable
Creates ultimate cleavage
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Seamless Strapless BraSeamless Strapless Bra
Creates ultimate cleavage.
Light padding for a beautiful shape.
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Magic InsertsMagic Inserts
Made of silicone. Looks and feels real.
Increase by up to two cups.
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Silicone Nipple CoversSilicone Nipple Covers
Masks colour of the nipple and areola. Perfect for tight-fitting clothing.
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Silicone Push Up PadsSilicone Push Up Pads
Fill up the bust-line to create cleavage. Soft and snug, naturally curvy.
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Clear Bra StrapsClear Bra Straps
Must-have for under sheer tops. Solution for unsightly bra straps.
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Comfy StrapsComfy Straps
Provide relief for irritation or pain caused by bra straps and prevents slippage.
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Silicone Foot CushionSilicone Foot Cushion
Prevents burning pain in balls of feet. Must-have for all high heels.
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Fashion TapeFashion Tape
Clear double-sided tapes.
Discreetly holds your clothing in place.
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Bra ExtenderBra Extender
Increase bra size around the body one full size. Available in 1-4 hooks.
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Just like magic - Abracadabra bra has no back and no straps, guaranteed to stay on. Perfect for parties, balls, wedding or any occasion. more
Fashion Editor, Cleo