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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your products made of?
    All products are made of the highest quality silicone adhesive and/or materials that are skin friendly and have been lab tested.
  • Why adhesive bras instead of a strapless bra?
    Adhesive reusable bras are free from binding straps and hooks. They give you total freedom to wear your favorite dress and looking fabulous!
  • Are the bras reusable?
    Yes all adhesive bras are made of special silicone gel that will regenerate itself after each wash. They are washable and reusable up to 100 times hand wash and air dry.
  • What's my cup size?
    Measured around the fullest part of your bust. Round this up to the nearest whole cm or inch. Take your band measurement the length around the base of your bust. If the number is even, add 10.2cm (four inches), if it is odd, add 12.7cm (five inches). Subtract your band measurement from the larger measurement. Et Voila! The difference is your cup size, as listed in the chart below, with our corresponding cup size.


Standard Cup Size

Abracadabra Cup Size

1.3cm (1/2")



2.6cm (1/2"-1")


A or B

5.1cm (2")


B or C

7.6cm (3")


C or D

10.2cm (4")


D or E

12.7 cm (5")

DD or E


  • If you are between sizes?
    Cheer up an odd number doesn't mean you are an oddball. Go for a bigger cup size for extra coverage & support.
  • If you are unsure of which cup size to choose from?
    Go up a cup size so there are enough sticky surfaces for coverage and support, unless your dress demands a more revealing look.
  • Which colour is best for my outfit?
    Nude can be worn under most colours including light, sheer and even dark colours.
  • What is VBS (visible bra straps)? A recent survey on VBS has found that 57% of women think it is this summer's worst style crime and 42% of men say it's unattractive! Abracadabra bra has the magic solution for you!
  • Why strapless backless (invisible) bras?
    Backess bras are perfect compliments to these outfits: strapless, backless, halter neck, sheer dress so no unsightly straps on show which is a fashion crime (VBL - visible bra line).
    The difference between lite bra and seamless bra is the seamless has no seams and is padded.
    Celebrity's secret. Red carpet secret. Must have for your wardrobe.
    Normal strapless bras can't be worn for backless or certain outfits, and they usually don't provide the best fit - either too tight or very loose. Some sticks on bras with wings have the side tapes, which can be visible under certain outfits so not an ideal solution. Our backless bras are totally invisible under clothes yet providing good support and enhancement to your assets.
  • When to wear?
    Balls, parties, weddings, events, races, birthday or any occasion.
  • Is it easy to use and comfortable?
    Yes, just stick and peel.
  • Are they reusable?
    Yes, washable up to 100 times if cared for properly. Hand wash and air dry.

For style tips and what to choose from our range visit: http://www.abracadabra-stylediary.com/