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Fun Stories

We would like to share these intimate secrets with you, strictly for women and sisters only! Have a laugh!


I have what can be termed an Ďampleí chest!  I also have an amazing dress that I love to bits.  However I have never been able to find a bra that fits under that dress.  You can either see the bra straps or the bra front.  So, to wear the dress I must wear it bra-less, which as you can imagine, is flirting with danger!  
So .. on one particular occasion, my husbandís parents were over from England.  My husbandís father is a fit, elderly man and loves to dance.  This particular occasion we were dancing together, myself in my gorgeous dress, and yes, I fell out.  Both of them!   In front of my father in law Ö. and NO-ONE told me!!!  So there I was boogying down on the dance floor, showing my father-in-law the assets that attracted his son!  I was horrified! And if thatís not a bra horror story, I donít know what is!! - Lisa Smith

Wrong Size Bra

I once wore a bra that my Aunty had given me. She had bought it then decided she didn't like it. Even though it was a little small round the back I still decided to take it as it was a really cool style.
Anyway I wore the bra out to the Paeroa motorbike street races, and was thinking as I was walking round that I was getting short of breath. While we were waiting to cross the track I had to sit down (well actually I fell part of the way). While I was sitting on the ground very embarrassed I realized that my new "cool" bra was so tight it was restricting my air intake, so as I un-clipped my bra I suddenly felt normal again, hence this is why you should have the correct sized bra. - Joan Morris 

Bra Mishap - Broken Wire

I was on a date and everything was going well, when I noticed a pain and felt the need to itch my boob - very hard to do across the table from a new date - a very good looking man. 
Feeling increasingly itchy and not wanting to excuse myself from the table as he was in mid story, I moved my arm across my chest and tried to itch slightly, it didn't work.  I adjusted my straps one by one as delicately as I could, still itchy.  In the end he noticed the cringing look on my face, and I had to admit to him that I had a brand new bra that was itching me, and could I please excuse myself to the bathroom to sort it out!   So embarrassing!! 
Once in the bathroom, I found out why I was so itchy - the wire in my under wire bra had broken through the material, and this was what was scraping and itching my boob constantly.  So embarrassing!! So annoying!!   Back to the table to salvage my date, and straight back to the shop for the bra. - Kate Wong

Strapless Bra Mishap

I was all dressed up for a fabulous night on the town for my 18th birthday.  I had a gorgeous red boob-tube on and was dancing on the tables in the most popular club. I was having a blast!
Suddenly my best friend started pulling on my leg as if she was trying to pull me off the table, I shook her off, thinking this was my night for partying! However, she wouldn't give up her nagging so I looked down at her and as I looked down, to my astonishment my boob-tube had fallen down, not only that but my strapless bra also! No wonder everyone was staring at me. I just thought it was because I had the awesome moves! - Liz Brown

Wedding Day Bra Mishap

My wedding day, the most wonderful day of my life; pity my bra didn't think so; it definitely tried to take all the attention from me that's for sure.
During our first dance, hubby decided to do some fancy footwork and dropped me down into a backbend! Amazingly all this went fine, except for the bra mishap - the back decided to snap! My wedding dress was quite slinky so it definitely was noticeable when I came back upright, the only good thing was the song had basically finished and everyone was too busy joining us on the dance-floor that not too many people noticed.
I however had to do a Cinderella and run to our room and change. Thankfully I had a beautiful dress to change into, which worked with the bra I had that was still in one piece! - Tina G

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